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RMU Online Mission


RMU Online is committed to providing an innovative, student-centered online learning environment that fosters and supports personal and professional goals to enable individuals to lead with integrity in a diverse and rapidly changing world.


RMU strives to become a recognized leader in online education that prepares students for a lifetime of engagement, leadership and well-being.

Core Values

Academic Excellence RMU will strive for superior faculty, academic facilities, and programs. The foundation of the University’s academic programs will be great teaching and a faculty that employs the teacher-scholar model, which includes faculty actively incorporating scholarship into teaching and engaging students in research. RMU’s academic programs will be the basis of building a widely-recognized curriculum that will employ outcomes assessment to produce evidence of improvement in student learning. 

Changing Lives
An RMU education is a transformative experience where students will be provided with a living/learning environment that will prepare them for the complexities and uncertainties of an evolving society. Student success and personal growth will be fostered via a combination of academics, social relations, leadership roles, spiritual development, community service, and athletic opportunities. 

Engaged Learning 
RMU will be a leader in integrating active learning techniques into instruction with a focus upon instructional technology, team learning exercises and the development of student communication skills, as well as effective student engagement via internships and co-ops, study abroad, student-faculty research projects, extracurricular activities, service learning and other experiential learning methods. 

Individuals Matter 
RMU will be a community where respect for the individual comes first. This will be manifested through the cultivation of mutual respect, personal integrity and a commitment to building a diverse University community. 

Professional Focus 
RMU’s strength is its alignment of its academic programs with the external environment, validated by the highly successful job placement rates of its graduates, growing student demand for its educational offerings and its increasing attainment of professional accreditations. The curricula will maintain this historical focus for both existing and future programs. 

Global Perspective 
An increasingly diverse and multinational work environment demands graduates who are able to understand and relate to cultural differences as well as to excel within an increasingly complex world. Study abroad and cross-cultural educational experiences will be an integral part of an RMU education.